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Below is a list of some of the products and services which we have sourced and supplied in the past. These are only some of the items we have supplied, listed here in order to illustrate our wide experience and capabilities; we will procure any products & machinery you may require.


MaritimeFull range of ship supplies & spares, from Anchors to Zink anodes, and everything in between.


Heavy Machinery: Bulldozers, Excavators, Front End Loaders, Tipper-trucks, Graders, Cranes, tools, Engines, spares, etc.

Vehicles: Trucks, Crane-Trucks, Light Duty Vehicles, water & fuel tankers Consumables, spares, accessories, etc.

Safety: Full range of Personal Protection Equipment, smoke and fire detection equipment, full range of fire-fighting supplies, full range of Maritime survival gear & instruments.


Chemicals: water desalination & Purification plants chemicals; Industrial & domestic chemicals, etc.

Medical: medical equipment and consumables, Resuscitation equipment, complete infirmary supplies, etc.

Communication: Radio and satellite communication equipment, vehicle, desk-mounted and handheld radios (VHF/UHF), telephone systems.

Electrical: Electrical equipment, light fittings, flood lights, instrumentation and power cables, power tools, transformers, sub-sea electrical motors & umbilical cables, generators, voltage stabilizers, etc.

Computers: Computers, software, Servers, UPS, peripherals, printers, consumables.

Electronics: Inverters, transformers, temperature probes, ultrasonic level and flow measuring equipment, cables, connectors, relays, timers, automation and control equipment, LVDT’s, components, measuring and recording instruments,  etc.

Rigging equipment: Shackles, webbing, chain &Wire slings, wires, crane hooks.

Miscellaneous: Sub-sea cameras & instruments, core sampling tools, Analytical instruments; water pumps; batteries; office equipment; Office Furniture, furniture,hardware products, building supplies; Complete Mobile & permanent camp equipment, stationary, Positioning systems, Radars.

Plant and Machinery: All kinds of construction plant and machinery incl. Brick making machines, Fuel & Water Storage tanks, Fuel Purification Systems , Conveyors, generators, site containers, Valves, pipes, dam liners , diamond mining plants & spares, X-ray sorters & spares.

Security: CCTV Cameras & recording equipment and software, access control equipment (electronic and mechanical), fencing, etc.

Lubrication - Full range of lubricants and lubrication equipment (manual & automated).

Hydraulics – components, power-packs, motors, pumps, winches etc.

Catering: Full range of products, food supplies, ovens etc.

Freight – Road Freight, Sea Freight, Air Freight with regular and chartered flights (up to 30 tons per load), urgent freight by travelling courier ( hand delivery).

Taylor designed solutions – by learning our clients’ needs and approaching the correct companies, we have assisted our clients to get solutions that were designed specifically to answer their needs, let us help you.

We are able to offer new, second hand, and Purpose built equipment.